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Great Depression Online Archive Issue:

You Can't Have All Three

Great Depression Online
Long Beach, CA
December 19, 2008

Inside This Issue You Will Discover…

*** Double or Shiner
*** Free Money, And Lots of It
*** You Can’t Have All Three
*** And More

Double or Shiner

The school yard loan shark when we were a kid was a brawny fellow named Booker Brown.  Booker wasn’t the most creative entrepreneurial.  For he only had one loan option available.  It was called Double or Shiner.

It was a very simple loan program.  No adjustable rate.  No teaser.  No negative amortization.  No fine print.  The terms and conditions were very straight forward…

You pay double by tomorrow, or you get a black eye.

~~~~~~The Nicolas Darvas Story~~~~~~

“How a Full-Time Dancer Rocketed His Trading Account From $25,000 to 2 Million Dollars And How You Can Do The Same In Only 15 Minutes Per Day.”  Amazing secrets discovered by Nicolas Darvas can identify significant market price moves before they happen. Learn all about it here: The Nicolas Darvas Story


As far as we know, only one person opted for the shiner part of the deal.  After that, default was effectively no longer an option.

Free Money, And Lots of It

This week the Federal Reserve came up with a new loan program.  And perhaps they should’ve consulted with Booker before rolling it out.  For it’s utterly absurd and moronic.  We didn’t catch what they’re calling it, so we’ll offer a snazzy tag line…Free Money, And Lots of It.

“The Federal Reserve opened a new era in U.S. monetary history,” reported Craig Torres for Bloomberg, “cutting interest rates to as low as zero and pledging to buy unlimited quantities of securities.”

Could anything be more ridiculous than lending money at 0 percent?

Oh wait, there is.  It’s called quantitative easing and it involves creating money from nothing “…to buy unlimited quantities of securities”.

“The Fed’s statement yesterday noted it has already announced it will buy agency debt and mortgage-backed securities.  The central bank said it is ready to expand such quantitative easing and is weighing the potential benefits of buying longer- term Treasuries.”

Of course, the Fed’s statement doesn’t say where they’ll come up with the money to buy unlimited securities.  But we both know they’ll just create it out of thin air.  Plus you’ll know that it’s working when you pay $10 for a cup of coffee.

You Can’t Have All Three

We’re exhausted; so we’ll be brief.  We spent most of the week in Sacramento humping and grubbing for money the only way we know how.  Winning work.  Delivering it.  And pocketing the margin. 

It’s the most honest way to make money we know of…with the exception of publishing, or perhaps selling used cars.  We guzzled so much coffee over a 72 hour stretch we couldn’t see straight.  But we got the job done. 

There’s fast, there’s quality, and there’s cheap…goes the saying.  You can choose two; but you can’t have all three. 

We got it done precisely how the client chose – fast, quality…and expensive.


M.N. Gordon
Great Depression Online

P.S.  You may have read this book or even heard the intriguing story about a young ballroom dancer name Nicolas Darvas who traded $25,000 into 2 million dollars within just 18 months by using the stock market.  His story was so amazing, on May 1959, the Time Magazine devoted almost a full page in its business section to the extraordinary stock market story. But here’s the kicker, Darvas remarked it wasn’t so much how much money he made that surprised him but rather the ease with which he made it.  Discover the amazing secrets of Nicolas Darvas here: The Nicolas Darvas Story.


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