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The New Economy of Doody Dude

Great Depression Online
Long Beach, CA
March 05, 2010

Inside This Issue You Will Discover…

*** Bunning’s Standoff
*** “Tables Are for Idiots!”
*** The New Economy of Doody Dude
*** And More

Bunning’s Standoff

“If we cannot pay for a bill that all 100 senators support,” said Jim Bunning on Tuesday night, “how can we tell the American people with a straight face that we will ever pay for anything? That is what senators say they want, and that is what the American people want.”

Here at the GDO we’re still reveling in Jim Bunning’s standoff with the Senate.

We watched with amusement as Bunning became the most hated man in Washington for believing the government should actually have the money it doles out to the unemployed.

We’re not quite sure why this was considered so radical.  The money must come from some where…right?  So if the government doesn’t have it that means it’s tacked on to the public debt. 

Not since Dick Cheney shot Harry Whittington full of buckshot had we seen the news media reach such fever spasms.  We were just starting to enjoy the hubbub when it ended.  The next thing we knew, the government poured $10 billion more down the rabbit hole and journalists across the nation stood up and applauded.

~~~~~~Private Insider’s Report~~~~~~

Chaos and panic are always created when new financial rules replace old, established ones.  Those who understand this have the combination to the New Vault and can easily open it, reach in, and get their generous share of the new wealth. Unfortunately, those who don’t understand this will desperately cling to the Old Rules and stoically go down with the sinking ship like a brave old sea captain.

New Rules here


We don’t side with Bunning because we like to see our fellow man reduced to soup lines and saltines.  For we don’t.  We side with Bunning because we believe in our fellow man and give him much more credit than elected officials and the evening news crowd…particularly when he has his back up against the wall.

Without government handouts we’re confident he’ll innovate and create something new, lasting, and valuable.

“Tables Are for Idiots!”

We know making money these days is no easy task.  It takes persistence, perseverance, and, above all, brute force.  That’s our experience at least. 

Long gone are the easy money days of rising asset prices and free flowing cash.  No residuals, no resting on the laurels of yesterday.  To make money these days you must grunt, and grimace, and grub for every last cent.

We’ve also noticed that the professional world seems to have lost its poise.  Everyone’s uptight and upset all of the time. 

“Tables are for idiots!” snapped a client at us recently.  We’d just pulled out a spreadsheet we’d prepared to help him understand what the heck is going on with his project.  “Next time use bullet points!”

See what we mean?  Still, we don’t let it get us down…

The New Economy of Doody Dude

Last weekend we added a 4-month old Labrador to the family.  While picking up some dog paraphernalia at the local pet store we came across the most unusual advertisement…

“Doody Dude – Dog Poop Removal Service”

That’s right.  Some enterprising individual’s carved out a niche for himself doing other dog owner’s dirty work.  “It’s a nasty job,” says Doody Dude.  “Sure, somebody has to do it, but that ‘somebody’ doesn’t have to be you!”

No one ever said making money was glamorous or exciting.  In fact, often times it isn’t.  Still, we doubt Doody Dude could give a rip if the government extends unemployment benefits or not.  For he’s self supporting through his own contributions.  He’s independent and self employed…making a living doing for others what they won’t do for themselves.

We highlight this for both entertainment and instruction.  The point is…

The economy, even in a depression, most certainly offers a bounty of opportunities that are more lucrative and rewarding than scooping dog poop…if only the government would let people fail so they could find them.

Only then will the unemployment rate go down.  Only then will the new economy emerge from the ashes.


M.N. Gordon
Great Depression Online

P.S.  The Great Depression and history have shown us clearly enough that when economic rules shift, they are merciless. Those who know, prosper… those who don’t, get crushed. That’s just the way life is.  Don’t get crushed.


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