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Still Believing In The Difference

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Long Beach, CA
April 08, 2008

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*** It Has Never Been So Easy
*** Just Spend More Money
*** Still Believing In The Difference
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It Has Never Been So Easy

You can buy a winning lottery ticket.  You can beat the dealer at blackjack.  You can buy shares of Google and watch them go up.  You can flip condos in Miami.  You can sell your stock options.  Cash out equity…

But the best way to mint a cool $30,000 in an afternoon’s work is to put $1,000 to win on a 30-to-1 long shot at the Santa Anita Track.  And why stop there? 

If you’re really smart, you’d then parlay your $30,000 into another 30-to-1 long shot winner and walk away with $900,000.  For getting rich has never been so easy.  And so many people are doing it. 

All you have to do is be in – in the market…in the lottery…in the many easy money vehicles.

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Just Spend More Money

Some time in the late 1980’s, a mass change occurred in the American psyche.  We can’t pinpoint the day precisely.  But if we’ve back tracked correctly, it was around the time Alan Greenspan was appointed Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

After eight years of tough love from Paul Volker, the stage was set for something magnificent.  Then, out of nowhere, a wave of delusion crashed on the populace’s head.  And, all at once, their collective brain went soft.

It no longer mattered how much savings you had, or how much you made.  Now, to be wealthy, all you had to do was spend money…and lots of it.  Who cares if you didn’t have the money to spend to begin with.  That’s what credit cards are for.

Because the new delusion said the more you spend the wealthier you become.  Savings – like deficits – no longer mattered.  They were an artifact of the past…the stuff of grumpy old men.

Even a third grader could tell this system to wealth was ridiculous.  But with everyone doing it, you must too.  Or you’d be left behind driving an old beat up Buick Century.

Thanks to Greenspan’s easy money, the stock market and real estate also became the enlightened manner and method to really boost your spending.  Reading the headlines – or listening to your neighbor – you could see that everyone was cashing in, cashing out, and getting rich.

By mid-2005 it was pure nirvana.  Every kitchen countertop from Los Angeles to Boston had been covered with granite.  And equity was rapidly extracted to buy jet skis and sand rails.  If you don’t know what a sand rail is, it’s a fancy dune buggy that’ll cost you – on average -- $50,000.  For whatever reason, this became the popular toy to have during the last money boom.

Still Believing In The Difference

But we never got the hang of this type of thinking.  Our brain’s too small to understand the simple logic of how spending more money makes you richer.  We just couldn’t get the new math to work.  For we’re primitive enough to actually believe that to obtain wealth you should spend less and save more.

Therein you’ll find the difference.  And therein you’ll find the onus of this musing.

That is the “difference” between how much you make and how much you spend.  That difference should always be getting bigger…never smaller.  The bigger it gets, and the longer it keeps getting bigger, the wealthier you become – even with inflation out to ruin you.  That’s what we’ve always believed, anyway.

No leveraged speculations.  No margin accounts.  No trips to the track.  No tomfoolery.  No guile.  Just simple arithmetic.

If you don’t like it.  You don’t have to believe it.  But 1 plus 2 will always equal 3.  And there’s nothing you can do about it.

In this respect, we’ve found it more rewarding to go with the laws of nature…not against them.  Even when they do require patience, perseverance, and discipline.


M.N. Gordon
Great Depression Online

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