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Give Moonbeam the Boot

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Long Beach, CA
October 15, 2010

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*** A Frankenstein Creation
*** Governor Moonbeam
*** Give Moonbeam the Boot
*** And More

“I mean [Bill] Clinton’s a nice guy but who ever said he always told the truth.” – Jerry Moonbeam Brown

A Frankenstein Creation

Some simple facts…

The world is full of total idiots.  But not only that, there are complete morons living among us.

There are freaks, dorks, dweebs, and weirdoes out there…some even with Type A, B and C tendencies.  But that’s not the half of it…

There are madmen, crazies, jerks, and liars far and wide.  Perhaps you are one of them…if so, we won’t hold it against you.  For there are many more people to be on the lookout for…

Did you know there are lunatics and sociopaths out there almost everywhere?

~~~~~~Proven Strategies~~~~~~

Warren Buffett has made and kept more money through the stock market than any other private investor in the entire world.  As a matter of fact, he has become nearly the richest person in the world without ever starting his own business, owning a patent, or developing new business or investment methods.  He has become a billionaire exclusively through investing, and is the only billionaire to have done so.

You may be surprised at just how simple and practical Warren’s principles and strategies are.  At a time when “get rich quick” money-making schemes are on the rise, it is inspiring and refreshing to gain the insights of a man who accumulated his wealth with good old-fashioned, time-proven investment strategies.

Proven Strategies 


We’re not just talking about the guy on the street corner muttering nonsense at you as you pass by either.  We’re talking about your kid’s grade school teacher, NFL Quarterbacks, Nancy Pelosi, and almost the entire United States Senate.

Still, that’s nothing to be too concerned about.  We’re all a little off in our own way.  But occasionally nature conspires in a truly bad way.  And somehow, out of the mix, a Frankenstein creation comes to life which not only has some of the above traits; but all of the above.

Here’s what we mean…

Governor Moonbeam

Former California Governor and current candidate, Jerry Brown, is an all-around, all of the above, type of guy…

Not only is he a total idiot…he’s a complete moron too.  He’s a freak, dork, dweeb, and weirdo, with Type A, B and C tendencies.  On top of that, he’s a madman, crazy, jerk, and liar.  Just ask anyone who has ever worked for him…they’ll tell you.  They’ll also tell you he’s a lunatic and a sociopath and much, much more.

For all these reasons, and many others, he was known as “Governor Moonbeam” when he presided over California in the late 1970s.  Since then he’s succeeded at making a mess of things as Chairman of the California Democratic Party, Mayor of Oakland, and State Attorney General.  But now he wants his old job back so he can push more of his moonbeam policies.

If you’ve been to California lately, you know the state’s a total wreck.  The unemployment rate’s 12.8 percent and the budget that was just past – 100 days late – is based on pure fantasy.

“The state faces two significant budgetary time bombs,” reports the Sacramento Bee.  “Roughly $8 billion in tax revenues will evaporate next July because existing tax rates on vehicles, sales and income will shrink.  Billions more in federal funds for schools, health care and social services are expected to end.

“Fiscal experts believe California is already headed for another severe budget mess.”

We can’t wait for the entertainment to begin.

Give Moonbeam the Boot

Meg Whitman’s also running for Governor.  Unlike Moonbeam, she’s not a career politician.  Yet that doesn’t make her the best candidate by any means.

In fact, her campaign’s been rather unexciting and uninspiring.  Whitman’s biggest misstep was the discovery that she once hired an illegal alien to clean her house.  Most people couldn’t give a rip about this.  But what was unacceptable, is that she lied about it.

Should we be surprised?  Probably not.  All politicians are liars.

George H.W. Bush said no new taxes.  Not long after…he raised taxes.

Did Bill Clinton really not inhale?  We doubt it.  In truth, he probably inhaled a lot.  Still, it depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is, if he had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.

We remember seeing T-shirts for sale in West LA that read: “Bush Lied People Died.”

And the current President, through no fault of his own, lies every time he moves his lips.

Yes, like all politicians, Meg Whitman’s a liar.  On top of that, she has many of the above shortcomings.  Still, Moonbean takes the cake.  Not only does he have many of the above or most of the above…he has all of the above – and more.

Give him the boot.


M.N Gordon
Great Depression Online

P.S.  Do you know how Warren Buffett achieved his extraordinary success?  By adhering to an uncomplicated, timeless set of investing principles that have served him in every stock purchase and business transaction he has ever been involved in … carried him right on through bear markets and bad economies with barely a scratch … and enabled him to build one of the most secure, liquid sources of capital in the entire world.

This program is available so you can sit back, listen, learn, and laugh as you join Robert Miles in this intimate and heartwarming portrait of the man who has single-handedly created one of the most lucrative financial empires the world has ever known.

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