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*** The Land of Aesop
*** The Sick Lion
*** The Misfortunes of Others
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The Land of Aesop

In today’s world, where any fool can be voted president, we must look to the ancients for wisdom. 

So here we’ll deviate from our normal beat – money – and venture back to the sixth century BC to the land of Aesop.  For in this small fable is a large dose of good sense… 

Wisdom that will save you a fortune…if you’re willing to heed its suggested caution.

The Sick Lion, Aesop Fables

A Lion, unable from old age and infirmities to provide himself with food by force, resolved to do so by artifice.  He returned to his den, and lying down there, pretended to be sick, taking care that his sickness could be publicly known.  The beasts expressed their sorrow, and came one by one to his den, where the Lion devoured them.  After many beasts had thus disappeared, the Fox discovered the trick and presenting himself to the Lion, stood on the outside of the cave, at a respectful distance, and asked him how he was.  “I am middling,” replied the Lion, “but why do you stand without?  Pray enter within to talk with me.”  “No, thank you,” said the Fox.  “I noticed that there are many prints of feet entering your cave, but I see no trace of any returning.”

He is wise who is warned by the misfortunes of others.


M.N. Gordon
Great Depression Online

P.S.  We believe the dollars ongoing devaluation will not end well…that it could result in a hyperinflationary depression.  A warning from the misfortunes of others can be found in the French experience with hyperinflation during the French Revolution.  To find out how to survive the coming hyperinflationary depression go to:


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