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Reader Comments

“A Great Depression can happen again,” begins an email from a Great Depression Online reader.

“We are living in a false economy…

“People living on borrowed money.  Spending money they have not earned yet.  Through credit and credit cards.  Taking out payday loans.

“Foreclosure’s are at an all time high.

“High gas prices.

“I’ve learned from those who lived through the Great Depression.  My great Aunt’s and Uncles.

“I pay cash or use money order’s to pay bills.  Or I’ll pay cash at the grocery store.

“I know deep down there will be a Great Depression unlike the one of 1929.

“This will be far worse.  This generation with their cell phones, IPods, and computers.  Will not know what to do or how to communicate.”

Our Response

And here’s our response…

We’re fuddy duddy types who pay for our groceries with cash too.  We believe that it will soon be fashionable again.  Not because a flood of financial prudence will overcome the populace.  But rather a drought in credit will force them to live within their means

Your Thoughts

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M.N. Gordon
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