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Great Depression Online Archive Issue:

GDO 2008 Ambitions

Great Depression Online
Long Beach, CA
December 28, 2007

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*** Goal Setting Time
*** Three Goals
*** Gratitude
*** And More

Goal Setting Time

With the New Year on the horizon we thought we’d take a moment to share with you our goals for the Great Depression Online in 2008.

We’ve heard that putting goals in writing and sharing them with others increases the likelihood that they’ll be reached – and that’s our desire.  We’ve never tried it before; we’ll let you know next year if it worked.

Three Goals

So here they are…we came up with three of them.

First: We want 10,000 new subscribers.  That’s 27.4 per day.  We’re not sure how we’ll do this…especially considering our meager advertising budget.  But we surmise that a “tipping point” will have something to do with it.

The term was popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in his book, “The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference”.  We haven’t read the book, but we’ve read many discussions of it.  We believe that the combination of strategic advertising, consistent posting of articles in online directories, better search engine optimization, and other strategies that we’ve yet to explore, will get us to 10,000 new subscribers for 2008.

Second: We want to complete two new publications.  We’ve made substantial progress on the first.  It’s on the subject of gold.  In particular, gold’s value as money.  With the dollar losing status as the world’s reserve currency, the question of what will replace it has come up. 

Will it be the euro, or some new block currency like the amero or the asean?  Do we really want another fiat reserve currency that central banker can inflate?  Or would it be better to return to a gold standard?

To help answer these questions, we’ve been pouring through volumes of historical works, including writings of John Locke, John Stuart Mill, David Hume, and others, pulling out the best thoughts on the subject.  We hope to have this to you in the early part of 2008. 

This publication will be a great compliment to “Surviving the Next Great Depression – Unknown Secrets from The French Revolution”, which is of paramount importance for understanding and surviving the coming hyperinflationary depression.  For those of you who don’t have this yet, you can pick up a copy here: Surviving the Next Great Depression – Unknown Secrets from The French Revolution.

Third: We want to develop two new top-notch affiliate relationships.  We recognize the limits of our expertise and don’t want to leave you hanging from a limb.  Therefore, through carefully considered affiliate relationships, we can bring you the best and most original investment opportunities out there.


So there you have it.  We’re excited about what’s in store for 2008.  We hope you are too.  And, most of all, we thank you for your continued readership and support.

We couldn’t do this without you.


M.N. Gordon
Great Depression Online

P.S.  We’ll be back New Year’s day with our thoughts and pontifications on what the markets have in store for 2008.

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