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Fundamentals Do Matter

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Long Beach, CA
December 21, 2007

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*** Fundamentals Do Matter
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Suetonius Quote

“He thought there was no other use of riches and money than to squander them away profusely; regarding all those as sordid wretches who kept their expenses within due bounds; and extolling those as truly noble and generous souls, who lavished away and wasted all they possessed.” –Suetonius, Nero 30

Fundamentals Do Matter 

Even in a world fraught with central bankers, honesty…integrity…and trust still do matter.  For how well you sleep at night is contingent upon how well you practice the fundamentals.

But prevailing opinion now says the fundamentals no longer matter – that they are passé, dated, and defunct.  In their place are espoused new ideas that are easier, softer, and more giving.  And they are promoted in the most irresponsible ways. 

One of these new ideas is that you can get something for nothing…that the more you spend the wealthier you become…that there are no longer consequences for imprudence.  This at best is a treacherous ruse.  Yet many elected not to question it; rather they followed it with haste.


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Maybe you are not morally offended by the gluttonous amount of public and private debt on the books like we are.  But, you have to admit, there is something ethically awry when the honest, hardworking, modest individual is thwarted for their forbearance, while the reckless, debt driven wastrel is rewarded for their greed. 

Is it not stealing when a spendthrift racks up a huge debt that they cannot pay back?  Is a negative amortization (NegAm) loan not a dishonest contrivance?  Are interest rates that are artificially set below the rate of inflation by the Federal Reserve not a farce?

Natural Law

In nature there are some immutable laws. 

Government is wasteful.  Objects with mass attract each other.  E=mc2.  Those who save and invest prosper; and those who do not, do not. 

And when one of these immutable laws is artificially violated there are astonishing, unintended, consequences.

Things go haywire.  Otherwise rational people are enticed to make irrational decisions.  Entire countries – led by the most absurd blockheads – pursue the most absurd programs. 

And the lessons of the past are doomed to be relearned from the same mistakes again and again.  For memories are short, and consequences are forgotten.  And humility is thrown in the trash with yesterday’s news that reported yesterday’s lessons – and their consequences.

But if you are looking to best participate in all of life, practice the fundamentals and do not attempt to thwart nature.  In so doing, you will find life’s greatest rewards in living. 

And while you may not get everything you want in life; what you will get, is what you should have.  Because contrary to popular opinion…it is not all relative…fundamentals do matter.


M.N. Gordon
Great Depression Online

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