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Look Back to The Future

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*** Look Back to The Future
*** What “Old Hutch” Cornering the Wheat Market in 1866 Has to Do with You
*** Dollar Dilution and Hyperinflation
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Look Back to The Future

When legendary commodities trader Benjamin Hutchinson cornered the wheat market in 1866 he was the first to recognize an underlying market relationship – the price of wheat was affected by the price of gold. 

Following the trends he observed in the gold market, “Old Hutch” sold wheat futures contracts short just as the price reached its high, and covered them when the price declined, netting a considerable sum of money and baffling other traders with his good fortune.

With today’s:

Monumental trade deficit…

Record budget deficit…

Colossal consumer debt…

Declining dollar value…

Global outsourcing…

Swelling entitlement programs…

And economic stagflation…

Why is this dated tale increasingly relevant to your investment wealth?

Because labor costs and international trade were the economic factors that caused the price of precious metals and commodities to move in tandem…allowing “Old Hutch” to cash in and reap massive profits.  And labor costs and international trade are very much alive and at play in today’s global marketplace.

But in this case, what these factors all indicate, is that the money supply is being diluted – that the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury have watered it down.  And when something is being diluted it becomes weaker.  In the case of money it becomes worth less and less.

In Day 3, you’ll remember, that since 1913 the dollar has lost 95 percent of its value.  And that since 1971, the year the dollars backing by gold was ultimately severed, it has lost 80 percent of its purchasing power.

With the massive trade deficit and national debt (refer to Day’s 2 and 3), and the “impending wrath of entitlement programs” (refer to Day 3), it is very possible that the dollars devaluation could accelerate and very quickly get out of hand.

And the resulting hyperinflation and ultimate collapse of the global monetary system as we know it would spread to social chaos and disorder as the greater population would be ruined.

We cannot overemphasize the chaos and disorder this would wreak upon the United States.  And we believe that the best way for you to prepare for the calamity is through discovering the lessons of the French experience with hyperinflation during the French Revolution.

In fact, because we believe this to be of paramount importance to every individual, we have taken painstaking care to unearth the best documentation on the subject.

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M.N. Gordon
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